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The Most Efficient Solar Farm In The World

The 30-megawatt (MW) Large-scale Solar Photovoltaic (LSSPV) solar farm project in Bidor, Perak has transformed the landscape of the town which was previously a tin mining area. The 50 hectare solar power plant operating...

glove factory to be built in Bidor 0

Integrated Glove Factory to Be Build in Bidor

Good news for Bidor folks that more job opportunities is coming to their door steps. Glove company Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd will be building an integrated glove factory in Bidor, Perak soon. An agreement...


Scanwolf Starts A New Chapter

Scanwolf Corp Bhd, which was embroiled in a boardroom tussle between April and June, is about to embark on a new chapter, as major shareholders from the two camps seem to work together peacefully,...