Chikungunya Cases in Perak is Declining

The number of chikungunya cases in the state decreased during week 50 by 31 cases compared with the previous week of 36 cases.

The patrol conducted by UTKMB as an initiative gave the public a sense of hygiene to prevent chikungunya outbreaks and dengue spreading throughout the area.

Exco Health, Consumer Affairs, National Integration and Perak Human Resource, A Sivanesan, said the decline was driven by the continued efforts of the Perak Health Department along with local authorities and other agencies to control mosquito breeding grounds in waste disposal areas.

According to him, a meeting was held on Tuesday with the Department of Health and several other agencies to ensure that the chikungunya case in the state was controlled.

“We cannot deny that the highest rate of chikungunya is in Batang Padang / Muallim. Work to reduce the chikungunya case has been undertaken by the Health Department and we have provided two full-time health officials to monitor the waste disposal area.

“So within the next two weeks we will know the chikungunya rate and I expect it to decline,” he told reporters after being met at the Sungkai state-level Perak Foundation’s Back 2 School 2020 Program at Bidor’s Muhibbah Hall, here yesterday.

Sivanesan said the local authorities have also issued a compound to individuals and premises that dispose of waste in inappropriate places.

According to him, although no death was recorded in the case of chikungunya compared to dengue cases, serious attention should be given to preventing any untoward incidents.

Earlier, Sivanesan said the outbreak of chikungunya in Perak was classified as serious with 71 cases recorded in three areas since October 18.

Meanwhile, the Pejabat Penghulu Mukim Bidor has taken the initiative together with the Bidor Special Action Unit (UTKMB) to conduct a public patrol to conduct a cleanliness campaign.

Bidor Chief of Police Mat Kasa Arsad said the initiative was taken following a dengue and chikungunya outbreak found in Bidor area.

“The patrol involved 15 UTKMB volunteers using three four-wheel-drive vehicles and two cars as well as two motorcycles assigned to distribute the dengue and chikungunya awareness leaflets.

“The campaign will continue to raise awareness among the people of Bidor area to reduce the dengue and chikungunya outbreaks,” he said.

Source: Sinar Harian

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