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Flash Floods Hit Bidor Causing Congestions

A heavy hailstorm hit several villages and roads at the town of Bidor with flash floods at 6 pm today. In addition, the heavy rains also uprooted and collapsed a few tree trunks along...

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Boar Barged-in Barber Shop Shocked Patrons

A wild boar runs amok in a Bidor barbershop, causing two employees the shock of their lives when the wild boar barged into the shop believed to be lost from the woods nearby. The...

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Take The Road Less Travelled

The road less travelled always lead up to exciting places! Rohiman reminisces in this down memory lane article about the life and vibrance in small hamlets that fascinated him through their colorful history, and...

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Chelsea Jersey Wearers Get Free Fried Chicken

“Wear Chelsea jersey, get ‘free’ chicken!” This is the strategy of Ariffiuddin Rosli, 25, a fried chicken seller who operates in a Ramadan bazaar located in Bidor, Perak. Besides taking advantage of the Chelsea...