Bidor shoplots razed caused panic for town folks.

Shoplots razed to the ground causing panic in town. Three shop houses on the main street, facing a supermarket in Bidor caught fire yesterday evening.

Assistant Director of the Bomba and Rescue Operations Division of the Perak Fire and Rescue Department, Mohamadul Ehsan Mohd Zain said the fire involved a pharmacy, a furniture shop, and a salon.

Drone footage on the extent of the fire/Source: BH

He further stated that they received a call regarding the incident at 5:53 pm before members from the Bidor Fire and Rescue Station, assisted by the Tapah and Slim River Fire and Rescue Stations, rushed to the scene.

The shoplots razed involving the pharmacy, furniture shop, and salon were fully controlled and extinguished by 9:50 pm.

Shoplots on fire in Bidor and fire and rescue services worked hard to extinguish the fires
Fire & rescue services worked hard to extinguish the fires. / Source: BH

“The pharmacy was destroyed by fire by 20 per cent, the furniture shop by 80 per cent, and the salon by 40 per cent,” he told reporters late last night.

“Upon arrival at the scene, the fire engines found that the fire involved three Class A shops measuring 30×50 square feet.

Shoplots on fire in Bidor
Shoplots on fire / Source: BH

He said the fire brigade team was then directed by the operation commander to extinguish the fire using three 200-foot five jets.

The controlled extinguishing operation was at 6:55 pm and the operation led by Bidor Fire and Rescue Station Chief, Amirul Haikal Syafiq Nordin, ended completely at 9:50 pm.