In jeans and a t-shirt, the new IGP drops in police stations in a bid to motivate the force but admirable as Hamid Bador efforts are, ‘top cop’ must not equal ‘budding politician’ or he will soon be disrespected as his ex-boss Khalid Bakar

It’s not every day police stations get a visit from the head honcho. Especially not in plainclothes and alone, without even his Special Action Squad outriders.

It is a quiet Sunday at the Bidor police station in Perak – until the Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador (left) shows up. (Pic credit: FOPDRM)

On his first stop at the Damansara Utama station, newly minted Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador turned up in jeans and a T-shirt, prompting one unsuspecting policeman to ask him if he was there to lodge a report.

Hamid, who took over as IGP barely a month ago, visited three stations over the weekend – Damansara Utama on Saturday, Bidor (Perak) and Taman Melawati (Selangor) on Sunday.

The policemen, who had never before experienced anything like this, posted photographs of the IGP’s visits on social media, which went viral.

Many social media users praised Hamid for his down-to-earth approach.
Facebook user Hilbert Montell commented: “Ini baru KPN, terbaik bossku.” (This is how an IGP should be, my best boss).

Another said: “We are blessed to have an IGP like Hamid. All the best sir.”

Hamid told The Malaysian Insight the visits were impromptu and that he had wanted to meet his men and listen to their grouses.

Minted IGP- Hamid Bador

“It was not planned. I take the opportunity to go to as many police stations as I can,” he said.

“If I happen to be in an area where there is a police station or police headquarters, I will drop by.”

Hamid said he is also more likely to get unfiltered feedback from the policemen when his visits are unexpected.

“I told them I need to hear from them what are their grouses and to explain to them what the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) is all about.

“I need the bullets to convince the Home Ministry and the government that the police need a little extra budget to repair aging barracks and improve the conditions.”

Tapah district police chief Wan Azharudin Wan Ismail said the IGP gave him a surprise when he showed up and then proceeded to show interest in the old barracks in Bidor.

“I was surprised. It is not usual for the top cops, let alone the IGP, to visit us without prior notice.

“He came by to see for himself the condition of the barracks and he later instructed the state police contingent to carry out repairs.

“He assured us that our welfare will be taken care of,” Wan Azharudin said.

We wish Hamid Bador all the best in keeping the police force in check and we look forward to betterment in policing in the New Malaysia.

Source: Malaysia Chronicle