Happenings In Town


Teaching In The MCO Era

This is an interesting featurette highlighting a town folk of ours called Muhammad Aisham Azahar who teaches English in SK Pos Gedong, Bidor. Since the implementation of the MCO, Muhammad Aisham will be riding...

terrace fires in bidor 0

Two Terrace Houses Burned Down in Bidor

A couple was injured in a two-house fire in Taman Sri Bidor here early this morning. A spokesman for the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) said the 55-year-old man had burns on the...


Flash Floods Hit Bidor Causing Congestions

A heavy hailstorm hit several villages and roads at the town of Bidor with flash floods at 6 pm today. In addition, the heavy rains also uprooted and collapsed a few tree trunks along...

boar in barbershop 0

Boar Barged-in Barber Shop Shocked Patrons

A wild boar runs amok in a Bidor barbershop, causing two employees the shock of their lives when the wild boar barged into the shop believed to be lost from the woods nearby. The...


Chikungunya Cases in Perak is Declining

The number of chikungunya cases in the state decreased during week 50 by 31 cases compared with the previous week of 36 cases. Exco Health, Consumer Affairs, National Integration and Perak Human Resource, A...