Elderly citizen were touched to receive JKM aid thanks to the volunteers from the social welfare who have worked tirelessly to help Liew Yat Yong.

“I have been living my life with the help and kindness of my siblings and neighbors.

“I do hope this financial aid will help me buy necessary items and pay utility bills,” said Liew Yat Yong.

The 75-year-old senior citizen was grateful and thankful after his application for financial aid was approved by the Batang Padang district’s Department of Social Welfare (JKM).

She was eligible to receive monthly assistance of RM 500 from the department.

Yat Yong said he was happy that the aid would certainly reduce the burden of living her daily life.

“I feel today is a truly lucky day and the best news I have received in my life,” he said when interviewed near Kampung Baru, Bidor today.

The approval letter was delivered by JKM volunteer Yee Jee Kwong and the Chairman of the Bidor Neighborhood Association (KRT), Wong Wing Yew.

In addition, Yat Yong also received food supplies and cash donations from a housing company located in Behrang, Perak in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebrations.

The lone resident said the monthly JKM aid will be used to the best of her ability and expressed her gratitude to all parties who are so concerned about her livelihood.”