Treating head lice and hairdressing are never part of a teacher’s job scope. But an English Language teacher at SK Pos Gedong in Bidor here helps his pupils by doing just that out of his love and care for them.

Removing Head Lice Is a Bidor Teacher's Routine
Teachers armed with special combs
(Source: Bernama)

Muhammad Aisham Azahar, 29, who teaches Year Five pupils at the school, which is in an Orang Asli settlement, said he was “annoyed” by his pupils not focusing in class, often scratching their heads due to lice infestation.

The Perak-born teacher, who has been teaching at the school for six years, said most of the pupils with head lice problems were Year One female pupils, and he treated them with the help of Year Five and Six pupils.

“These Year One pupils are young.

“They complain that their heads are itchy and are teased by their friends.

“I help them so that they will not be distracted in class.

“I am uncomfortable with head lice, but not with my pupils.

“I love them and treat them like my own children. The parents have also given positive feedback.”

The story of Aisham, or fondly known as Cikgu Aisham, helping pupils with head lice problems was a hit among Netizens.

Aisham said he began treating hair lice among pupils early this year using a special comb and would carry out his “part-time job” after they had finished eating during recess time.

Greatest teacher of all (Source: New Straits Time)

Since then, he has also learned how to dress their hair so that the pupils appear neat and tidy.

“It has been a while since I helped my pupils, now that the school is closed. I’m not sure whether I still remember (how to fix their hair).”

He said although there was no celebration for this year’s Teachers Day, it should not stop teachers from giving their best to the nation.

Aisham said his posting at SK Pos Gedong upon graduating from the Teachers Training Institute at the Tuanku Bainun Campus in Penang was priceless because not only was he able to learn about the Semai Orang Asli, there had also been many unforgettable experiences.

“The school is 20km away from Bidor and the road is full of potholes.

“Sometimes, I ride my bike and sometimes I drive. If my vehicle breaks down, I would be stranded at the location for hours as phone coverage is poor.”

Source: Bernama