boar in barbershop

A wild boar runs amok in a Bidor barbershop, causing two employees the shock of their lives when the wild boar barged into the shop believed to be lost from the woods nearby.

Boar in barbershop

The incident was caught on camera saw two men possibly workers jumped up in surprise when a wild boar entered to shop through the front door.

It didn’t take long before the men in shock slowly exited the shop slowly due to the potential danger posed by the animal.

Because the doors are closed, the confused animal loitered around for a bit until the men outside tried to lure the beast out by opening the door. After a few attempts to hold the door, the beast decided to leave the premise, by (again) barging out the front door and smashing its way through the glass.

Luckily though, no one was injured but the owner of the barbershop needs to endure with the damages done by the confused beast, and the mess in the shop.

Wild boars are strong animals, are able to run really fast usually in straight lines. Contrary to beliefs, the beast is actually a smart animal, plus their solid build, they can pose a serious danger to humans.

Source: Twitter