A heavy hailstorm hit several villages and roads at the town of Bidor with flash floods at 6 pm today.

Flash flood paid a visit at sleepy hollow
Hit by flash floods

In addition, the heavy rains also uprooted and collapsed a few tree trunks along Jalan Ipoh-Kuala Lumpur.

Bidor’s Chief of Fire and Rescue, Muhammad Asyraf Mat Isa said the heavy rains had left two villages, namely Kampung Petalin and Kampung Cegar Tambahan flooded during the downpour.

He said firefighters had to cut down trees and clear the roads to ensure the traffic flow smoothly.

Firefighters also help to monitor the area affected by flash floods to ensure the safety of the affected residents.

“Water has started to recede in areas hit by flash floods and no temporary evacuation centers (PPS) have been opened as a result of the incident,” he said when contacted today.

Meanwhile, flash floods in the town and roads were videoed by people who were passing through the road today afternoon.

The footage showed that a few business premises have been flooded with several vehicles that were seen immobile as a result of being trapped in the flash floods.

Source: Harian Metro