If you travel the North-South Highway (PLUS) to and from Ipoh often, watch out for “objects” strewn along the highway, near the Ipoh-Bidor stretch.

These objects include tyre fragments, steel pipes and even prayer mats, reported the Malay Mail Online (MMO) today.

PLUS Highway Section C1 manager Asnor Ali told a press conference that more than 1,570 objects were found along the 66km stretch last year – more than half of which were tyre fragments from large vehicles plying the route.

Delinquents terrorising motorists with rocks.

These objects pose a real danger, given that a large tyre left along the southbound lanes near the Tapah toll interchange last year caused a bus crash last January that killed eight and injured 21.

“More than half of the objects were tyre fragments from heavy vehicles,” Asnor said at a press conference yesterday, adding that PLUS was unsure if the objects had been dumped deliberately or fallen off vehicles.

“We also found large stones, steel pipes, wood fragments and household items like prayer mats. However, we have not received reports of people dumping objects on the highway.”

All the same, he urged highway users, especially lorry drivers to check their tyres and ensure their loads were securely fastened before starting on their journeys.

The frequency of patrols increased due to the incident.

Asnor added that PLUS had also increased their patrolling frequency to ensure the highways were safer for road users.

“We have increased the frequency of our patrols. Previously, our patrol cars would inspect the highways every 90 minutes. Now it is every 30 minutes.

“We also have 12 teams of six members who take turns to patrol the Section C1 highway. The patrols will be carried out 24 hours a day.”

The Civil Defence Department and Fire and Rescue Department will also be on standby round-the-clock as part of “Ops Selamat”, and PLUS will also work closely with the police and Road Transport Department to ensure a safer drive for motorists.

Credits: The Star