YB Sivanesan in Bidor marketYB Sivanesan in Bidor market

Rental issues raised an eyebrow when the actions of some of the Bidor market traders who left the rented lot vacant were seen as selfish as it is seen as disrupting other traders’ opportunities.

A survey done by Sungkai State Assemblyman A. Sivanesan and Tapah District Council to Bidor public market found that more than 40 percent of the 125 stalls were turned into makeshift stores.

Sivanesan said traders were abusing services provided by local authorities to help the B40 people to find income.

“I received a complaint that a group of businessmen who paid monthly rent but had no running business and some were renting it to the third party for a cheaper price of RM100 a month.

“The Bidor public market is charging traders between RM20 and RM40 per month depending on the type of business.

Bidor market at peak hours
Bidor market at peak hours (Source: http://tempurungemas.blogspot.com)

He said the inspection also found that the trader rented three to four booths but only used one or two for business.

According to Sivanesan, the unused store lot will be repossessed and owners who violate the terms will be notified.

Sivanesan said the public market would be refurbished and the government had already spent RM40,000 to avoid the rain while adding new tables for trader’s convenience.

Source: Sinar Harian