It may never occured to us but it pays to be vigilant and careful at all times these days. A Touch ‘n Go user claimed that he almost got cheated out of RM100 if he didn’t check his payment receipt after he reloaded his card.

Facebook user Wong KH shared on Facebook yesterday that he handed RM200 to the cashier at a toll booth in Bidor, Perak, and mentioned that was the amount he wanted reloaded into his Touch ‘n Go card.

When the cashier handed the card and receipt to Wong, he noticed something was off because the balance stated was short RM100, where the balance was RM167.92 instead of the RM267.92.

“But when I take a look the refill amount show RM100 only. When I ask her why the refill amount RM100 only? She just said ‘sorry sorry’ and refill another RM100 to me.

“If we didn’t check the receipt, our hard earned money will fly in to others pocket,” Wong wrote.

Apparently this wasn’t an isolated case as many other netizens shared similar experiences after Wong’s post made its round on the Internet.

“I kena the same thing. Gave RM20 to top up, but only RM10 was actually credited to my TnG. I only realized it after I drove off. Didnt get a receipt for it also.

“It was a mistake by me cos I didn’t check and didn’t think there are people so cheapskate to steal small money. Anyway lesson learnt – always ask for receipt and make sure they top up the correct amount,” a netizen shared.

So to all Touch ‘n Go users, make sure to ask for a receipt and check the balance before you leave so that you would not be cheated out of your money.

Source: Malaysian Digest